Getting Started

How do I sign up for a Fig account?
Download the app from the iTunes AppStore or Google Play and sign up using either an email address and password or connecting your Facebook account.

I’m having trouble installing the app, is there any other way to use Fig?
Yes.  You can access Fig through your mobile browser by going to fig.com/m.

What happens when I connect with Facebook?
We draw basic information from your Facebook account, such as your photo, name, and email address. We will never post on your Facebook wall or send messages without your permission.

Can I add other activities or themes later? Are other activities available?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to browse and add any additional activities by category or theme later by visiting the “Activities” tab of the app.

Account and Profile Settings

Can I connect with Facebook after creating an account?
Of course! Simply go to the “People” tab of the app, click on your name, and click on “settings” on the upper right side. Scroll down to connect with Facebook.

How do I reset my password on Fig?
Go to the “People” tab of the app, click on your name, and click on “settings” on the upper right corner. Scroll down to change your password. If you ever log out of Fig and forget your password, you will also be able to reset it from the log-in screen.

How do I adjust my notifications?
Go to the “People” tab of the app, click on your name, and click on “settings” on the upper right corner. Tapping to change the mail or phone symbol from green to grey means you will no longer receive email or app notifications for different actions. You will still see those updates in your feed in the “Today” page of the Fig app.

How do I set or change my Fig profile picture?
Go to the “People” tab of the app, click on your name, and click on “settings” on the upper right corner. Tap on the photo icon next to your name under "personal information." You can select your Facebook profile picture, select a photo from your phone's photos, or take a picture using your phone's camera and use it in Fig.

How do I edit my privacy settings?
Fig is inherently private, which means most of your actions can only be seen by your friends on Fig. To change new activity privacy settings, go to the “People” tab of the app, click on your name, and click on “settings” on the upper right side. You can change your new activity privacy settings to everyone, friends (default), or only yourself.  You can also change the privacy on only individual activities, by tapping on any activity from the “Today” page and then clicking the “customize” link on the top right.

Activities and Themes

How do I add activities?
Click on the “Activities” tab of the app. Browse by category or theme or type in a search keyword, and add an activity to your plan by clicking into an activity’s detail.  When you add multiple activities at once from a Theme, you can still customize the settings per activity later by tapping on each activity individually from the “Today” page.

How do I customize activities?
Fields with green text and a white background are customizable by tapping into the field. You can modify the frequency and privacy settings of any activity before adding it to your plan, or even after you have already added it to your plan by clicking into the activity detail page and “customize”.

How do I create my own activities?
Go to the “Activities” tab and pick which category and subcategory you feel like your activity would best fit in. Then click “create new activity” on the upper right corner. You will be able to modify the name, frequency, and description. This activity will show up on your plan like any other activity and you can modify it again at any time. You may also invite friends to join you in custom-made activities.

I accidentally added something! Can I delete it?
Currently, we do not offer the option of deleting an activity. However, you can archive that activity clicking into the activity detail from your “Today” page and clicking “archive” on the upper right corner.” This removes the activity from your active plan, but it remains in your profile under the “People” tab. You may unarchive at any time.  If you want to totally hide an archived activity from others’ view, you can set the privacy setting to “only me.”

How do I complete an activity?
Simply click the green circle next to the activity. Each click corresponds to one completion of the activity. A full green circle means you have completed your goal for the day/week/month and will drop that activity to the bottom of your plan.

I made a mistake in adjusting the activity completion counter! Can I change it?
Yes!  Just double tap the activity counter, and you will get an option to add (+) or subtract (-) to your counter.

Friends and Community

How do I add/invite a friend?
Inviting a friend to Fig:
Go to your “People” tab and click on “Invite” in the upper right hand corner. You will be able to invite friends through email or your phone contacts.

Inviting a friend to do an activity with you:
Click into an activity from your plan and then click on “invite” on the upper right hand corner. You will be able to invite friends through email (by typing in an email address) or your phone contacts (by selecting an email or phone number for SMS inviting). They will then show up on your friend list for that activity after they've accepted.

How do I accept an invite to an activity?
You should receive an email notification or text message whenever someone invites you to an activity. Simply click “Add” from the email on your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can just open up the Fig app and add directly from the “what’s happening” feed on your “Today” page where that request will show up.

Can I write a private comment to a friend?
Yes! Click the dialog box on the right side of any news item on your “what’s happening” feed. You will see a lock button on the left side of your message composition box. Simply tap to lock  it so that the comment is private, or tap again to unlock. Unlocked comments are only seen by friends, not everyone using the Fig app.


What information can others see?
Fig is a safe and private place to pursue wellness with your loved ones. Only your friends will see your activity updates and comments. You may change your privacy settings at any time by visitings your settings from your profile. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.


My app is frozen or certain pages appear blank. What do I do?
You may have a refresh problem. Click on the “People” tab, click on your name, and click on “settings” in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down and click the “refresh all pages” button to refresh the app. You will not lose any of your activities or other saved data. Email us at support@fig.com if this does not resolve your problem.

Does the app require internet connectivity to work?
Yes.  Either a cellular data connection or wifi is fine.  

What if I have other issues or questions?
This is a beta product so please bear with us as we grow with you! Feel free to email support@fig.com any time if you have other questions or feedback.